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Let's wait for the current heavy changes made on core to calm down. We will see later.
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(03-11-2016, 04:21 PM)cala Wrote: Let's wait for the current heavy changes made on core to calm down. We will see later.

Sounds like a smart thing to do yes, while still sounding hopefull as well. Cool
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I would really love to see playerbots be part of the main branch and be activated by the config.
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cala I like to thank you for keeping the playerbot updated Big Grin I hope to see this added to core one day soon... This is far most one of the best player add on a person could have that plays alone or with just a few people..there are other cores and other bots.... but none don't even come close to how this one functions or works
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Dose any one know how to make a patch of this ? I tryed and tryed

i used to do it like

#!/bin/bash -x
git clone git:// portal
cd portal
git fetch git:// master:portal
git checkout portal
HASH=`git log --pretty=oneline | grep -m 1 '\[1[0-9]\{4\}]' | cut -d " " -f 1`
git diff $HASH > playerbot.patch
I guess theres another way to make the patch.. but i do  not know how..Dose anyone know how to ? and willing ot show me how to lean it... please

But know i get tio many erros... i been trying to manule edit the files.. but take like 3 hours for 3 erros 20 some more to go. If anyone knows how or could the playbot code to the sorce of 86552428b19dede2742f7939ca8bbebd450528cc  Commits on Feb 16, 2017 i would would be so happy

 I guess there another way to do the patch... but i can not seem to figure it out Sad
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