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Wrath of the Lich King How to fix this conflic
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How can I fix this? (see screen shot)
I know probably WHY it got there, but cannot make it work.
I updated the db, but when I ran it complained about a dungeon instance
so followed the error to this thread:

Now I get what you see in the image!
I tried a wide varity of ways to fix this, but the closes I got was it started to load then there was a count problem with the spell table.

so what do you think? Any ideas?


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OK up to here,
which is where I was a few times. just keeps getting stuck here.

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Which method did you use to fill your DB? If you use the script and give the correct core path, these problems should not occur.
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I am going to redo it from scratch. I been using cmangos / mangos for many years, recenltly I stepped back bc of work and other games, but I kept the compiles going. But not updating and just dumping the core, I think created this error (as it has been about a year since I last had an upto date version. I'll post back on the scratch built and see what happens
TY for the reply
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That worked. Just wiped the world db, rand the script then it failed at the instance_dungeon_enounters, found that
ran that
up and running


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