Educational project

First of all CMaNGOS is fully open source and the first goal is to learn
how a game server work. On a second hand we try to emulate old World of Warcraft
experience localy. We work on it on our free time and are all doing that for free.
Join us on our journey by deving/commenting/testing or just chatting with us.

Wow Classic

Based on patch 1.12 released in september 2006.

The Burning Crusade

Based on patch 2.4.3 released in july 2008.

Wrath of the Lich King

Based on patch 3.3.5 released in june 2010.

Supported OS

Debian, Ubuntu, ...

Other distributions are not supported yet, but should build regardless. Find help and tutorial in our forum.

Windows 10

If you build our core in recommended Visual Studio version the server should work as intended.


Read more on our WIKI about how to set-up CMaNGOS on Mac OSX.

Where to start?

Below you'll find some differents way to find more information and help.

Our Wiki

Build instruction, technichal datas and more to find there.

Our Forum

New discourse forum to exchange precious informations between us.

Our Old Forum

Our old forum may still have valuable information that can help.

Our Discord

Direct chat with some can sometime help in more efficient way.

Our Commit History

Best place to learn how all is done. You can follow our developement and comment them.

Our Twitter

You'll be notified on each commit without having to visit our repos.