Continued Massive Network Game Object Server

What Is CMaNGOS?

CMaNGOS is first and foremost an educational project. It is 100% open source. Our first goal is to learn how a game server works. Our second goal is that we make every attempt to to emulate the original World of Warcraft experience in a local environment. Our developers work on their free time and they all work as volunteers. We invite everyone to join us on our journey by writing code, commenting and providing feedback reporting issues, testing or just chatting with us!


  • Based on patch 1.12
  • Released September of 2006
The Burning Crusade
  • Based on patch 2.4.3
  • Released July of 2008
Wrath of the Lich King
  • Based on patch 3.3.5
  • Released June of 2010

Supported Operating Systems


We support Debian and Ubuntu.


We support Windows 10 and above.


We support macOS 10.13.x and above.

Getting Started

Here's a few links to get you started!