CMaNGOS is open-source

What is CMaNGOS?

CMaNGOS is a World Of Warcraft server emulator. These letters stand for Massive Network Game Object Server. The C was added for historical reason and it stands for continued. The purpose of our project is to make it possible for a limited amount of players to enjoy the old Azeroth lands.


Keep in mind everything here is provided by our community. You are encouraged to help us improve any content.

Our wiki

It's the first place where you can search for information. Many different subjects are already explained there.

Our forum

Best place to let us know about your issue or idea or anything else that you want to share with us.

Commit history

Developers can find much information in our commit history.

Supported OS

We try to be as platform independant as possible.

Windows 10

Support is provided for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and above.


Support is provided on Debian/Ubuntu with a C++11 compiler, other distribution should work too but we need your input on that matter.


Supported, but you have to use a C++11 compiler.

Getting involved in this project

This project needs more manpower. There are many ways to help CMaNGOS to move forward. Github comments, github issues, pull request, discord, IRC ...