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New video banner

The banner

The actual temporary video banner need to be changed. For this i need your help (as always).

Propose me a new video you like or you created and we will set it as video banner.


Keep the video size as near as possible to 1600×500.


You can’t do video

Its ok, we  are already happy that you thought about it.

If you really want, don’t forget that there is many others way to help us. IRC, Github, Database are only exemples.


Have fun.

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Full support of CMake

CMake is an open-source, cross-platform family of tools designed to build, test and package software.

CMake is now required to generate CMaNGOS project on Windows too. It’s a change that was asked and discussed long time ago.

Adding a step before to be able to build was not a priority. That’s why we kept provided sln so long time on the core.

With that change we are able to generate projects same way in all supported os and also we don’t have to provide an updated project file for each Visual Studio version.

We know that some of you may need some help to handle that CMake . Fortunately CMake gui is not so hard to handle and require minimal learning.

CMaNGOS build steps are updated and available here. We also added some video with the most important one is below.

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Welcome to our new site

As i think a site is still needed nowadays to inform about CMaNGOS project. I also think that forum is less needed nowadays. By less i didnt meant not needed anymore. Some infos are more suited to be in a forum than in irc or git issues.

So a new forum is created. Nothing from old one are imported yet.

I hope you will enjoy new presentation 😉