Welcome to our new site

As i think a site is still needed nowadays to inform about CMaNGOS project. I also think that forum is less needed nowadays. By less i didnt meant not needed anymore. Some infos are more suited to be in a forum than in irc or git issues.

So a new forum is created. Nothing from old one are imported yet.

I hope you will enjoy new presentation 😉


4 thoughts on “Welcome to our new site

  1. Exxenoz - 19/06/2017

    Why do we need a new forum? Will you move the content of the old forum to the new one? Would be too bad if not, because there were some nice topics, that would be gone or forgotten otherwise.

    1. Cyberium - 20/06/2017

      No, Itried but the result was not good enough. The best choice is to Let it in its own place for now.

  2. This site is very nice. I love it very much. Simple and clean design with all the information in need right under your eyes. Keep up the good work !

  3. Tyler Casper - 01/07/2017

    Some vital information exists only on the old forums, e.g. how to install using linux (http://cmangos.net/archive/showthread.php?tid=7481&pid=46129#pid46129). Some users have spent countless hours compiling a comprehensive and updated guide. The wiki page is vastly insufficient for this purpose, and even redirects users to the forum. Although I understand the desire to move to a more modern interface, I think it was a mistake to relegate the figurative goldmine of information contained on the old forums to a difficult to find archive.

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